Rockingham Memories

A continuation of memories shared of growing up in a small, southern textile town in North Carolina in the 50s and 60s. My old websites, Rockingham Remembered and Rockingham Memories, have been discontinued. I saved a lot of the items from those two websites and will be adding them to this website as time permits. This new version of Rockingham Memories is a slimmed down version of the previous two. You can also click on the links at the very bottom of this page and be sent to Rockingham, The Way We Remember It for Facebook interaction, Search engine for this website, Guestbook, in which to sign or view and my blog, As Time Goes By. I hope you will take part and send any stories, memories, photos, nostalgia, memoralbilia, etc. to me to publish here. My email is .Check out some of the links below and view and read some great memories and stories shared by my contributors. 
  Joel H Bailey - Nov 2015 -

This website will be ending shortly. I encourage you to go to the new site at: .

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The Architectural History of Richmond County Book
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In Memoriam - RHS Classmates Deceased

My Contributors Below (in alphetical Order)
Bryon Campbell
Grady Campbell
Lane Hudson
John Kelly
Bob McDonald
Jane McCracken Mercer
Jean Raby Nelson
Joe Pruitt
Tina Benson Skenes
Ken Smith
Paul Warnock

Joel H Bailey
Boomer, NC